Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Seating Tip For Elderly at Wedding Reception

Just a tip... I know it seems like the best idea to put the elderly up front and close to the action at your wedding reception, but be careful. Do not put them right by the DJ or band set up.

The reason you do not want to make this common mistake is that even though old people tend to not be able to hear, well, the will not react well.

Typically, for some reason, the elederly also have sensitive ears, so loud music will bother them. Ultimately, they will not like the experience and request to have the music turned down, or just leave early.

Keep this in mind when creating your seating charts and everything will turn out fine.

It's best to always put a younger table near the DJ.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Outdoor Wedding Tips

If you remember Hurricane Irene last year hitting us on a busy wedding weekend over the summer, you know that Mother Nature can have a way making, or ruining your special wedding day.

When people plan an outdoor reception, they often do so bringing to the table the “it would never happen to me” attitude. This is not a good practice, no matter how positive thinking-oriented you may be.

In the past two recent years, I have seen some pretty rainy outdoor weddings, of late. While an outdoor wedding can be totally awesome, when the weather does not cooperate, it can be a disaster if you do not have some planning, in order.

Click the link below to read the checklist off of my home site, to help you prepare for everything, when planning an outdoor wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Planning Sheet

You should totally take a look, in case you are planning a tent wedding outside!

-Thanks guys!

Kenny Casanova