Monday, September 9, 2013

Wedding Hashtag Idea

Add a wedding hashtag and let the sharing begin!
Unless you have been living under a rock and are not a user of social media sites like social sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Vine, you will see that the benefits of "hashtagging"your wedding are really a great reason to start!

WHAT IS A HASHTAG? The term "hashtag" was first brought about for, however it is now the measuring stick indexing on all social networks.

HOW DOES A HASHTAG HELP ME? What a "hashtag" essentially is is the creation of a word combination for searching reasons. For instance, if you were to search #applepie on the above social media sites, the search engines would bring up pictures, videos, recipes, places to buy apple pie ...and maybe even events related it. A hashtag search gets you results from real people in real time sharing stuff related to a very specific topic of just about anything.

WHY IS A WEDDING HASHTAG GOOD?  So, one of my readers may ask, "why exactly would you want to hashtag your wedding?" The answer is having the potential to obtaining different perspectives of your wedding and find them easily.

EXTRA PICTURES/VIDEOS - Tons of people use mobile devices that have these social media apps on them already. These same people may already be taking pictures of your wedding for personal use, but you may never even see these images. At the end of your special day, by having encouraged your guests to hashtag your wedding, you will have access these extra pictures/videos for immediate sharing from your hashtagging guests, as well as countless annotations from any moments throughout the night.

VIRTUAL GUESTS - You will also be able to share these images and updates with friends and families who were not able to make it to your event, by allowing them to follow your event updates from afar in real time.

OTHER PLUSES - No more cheesy film cameras on the tables.  And shy guests can even request songs to a cooperating hashtagging DJ from their respective tables!

To optimize hashtagging at your wedding, you really only have to do three things.

Three Steps on Wedding Hashtag Creation:

1) ASSIGN YOUR OWN OFFICIAL HASHTAG - If you create your own hashtag early on, there will be no confusion on what people should search later. Try and pick a short and original hashtag by first searching the proposed hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Vine. When you find a combination of words and/or numbers that works for you and is easy for your guests to type in, their posts will not get lost and mixed into other event searches.

Promote your wedding
hashtag and reap
the benefits
2) PROMOTE IT - There are many ways to get  word of your official hashtag out there to your guests. Adding your hashtag to your reservations, your program, your place cards, and your table setting are a few easy ways to promote. You can also make up nice decorative signs and/or chalkboard displays, as well as get the DJ to remind your guests what the hashtag on the mic.
3) SEARCH IT - A search after the wedding or even as the fun is still going on will bring up all kinds stuff! You will see pictures of guests preparing before the wedding. You will get comments from people who couldn't make it to the event. And you will even get pictures from different angles and perspectives that your official photographer just could not do. Let the sharing begin!

For more tips on how to share your wedding hashtag, and also a gallery of pictures on how some brides and grooms have promoted their #weddinghashtags  in the past, check out our web site at:

The wedding hashtag idea is really super great for weddings! Try it out! The benefits are countless.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Funny Wedding Pictures (pt 4)

Thanks again for all the responses to this mini-series of funny pictures around the Capital District. It seems like people really liked it!

What I wanted to do is slightly deviate from the formula for this post and go a little bit more broad. Below is an example of a new wedding photography craze called "Wedding Party Attacks."

MORE ATTACK PICTURES ??? - If you liked the Ghostbuster tribute above and are thinking of doing something like this now at your wedding, CLICK HERE to see more wedding attack shots. Other pictures including zombies, aliens, and even a T-rex on our site at

SEND US LOCAL WEDDING ATTACK PIC AND WIN!!! If you were part of a wedding and know that something went down like this in the Troy, Schenectady, Albany, or Saratoga area and can send me a JPG of it for a future blog post, I would love to share it with our readers! If you are getting married or planning on having a party and can send me the attack shot shall be rewarded with a free DJ laser lighting upgrade towards one of our parties.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Funny Wedding Pictures (Part 3)

Here is part three to my humorous spotlight on local wedding photographers from Upstate New York. This one photographer I am partial to, as I also personally use his services from time to time when brides come to me for a good deal on a picture package...

The following timepiece is arguably a timeless masterpiece that will be revered by many for years to come. In just so many words, it truly is epic...

Troy, New York Photograph Credit, Vincent Gizzi.
The subjects in this shot have been forever immortalized by photographer Vincent Gizzi in a pose that genuinely captures the attitude of this esteemed era. The subjects, as you can see, are seemingly well-versed and fully imbibed in the well-cultured discipline code of  either "Gangnam Style" or "The Harlem Shake," or perhaps both. These self-enriching mindsets were before their times, becoming very popular in the late 2012 era and have bled well into today's current 2013 pop culture, as a way of life. Today, they are often referred to now as YOLO, SWAG, or just plain ridiculous.

Vincent Gizzi is an accomplished full-time professional photographer whose portfolio speaks for itself. The above picture was taken nearby at a wedding at The Franklin Plaza of Troy, NY. 

Vince really has a creative eye for photography and I highly recommend him. He reads his subjects for character and personality and can masterfully mesh them into, say, an ugly back alley backdrop, to create a desired result. This sample above shows Vince's ability to take fun pictures that people will remember for the rest of their lives. For more information on Vince's service, check out

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chalkboard Photo Backdrop Wedding Idea

If you are looking to add that old country rustic feel to your wedding reception, there are a number of roads less traveled that you can take to get there. One thought is to add chalkboard action to your wedding to get that crafty farm atmosphere that you may want.

THE CHALKBOARD BACKDROP - One idea is to create your own chalkboard backdrop for pictures. This is very similar to the recently trending photobooth idea, but more do-it-yourself.

At a recent wedding that I was the disc jockey for, the bride and groom made a three panel facade with their names and the date of their very special day.

This simple idea was enhanced by "Chalkboard paint" (that actually works) and a number of important phrases to the newlyweds, at hand.

CHALKBOARD TABLE SIGNS - Another idea is to label each of your tables with little chalkboards to inform the guests which number they have been assigned to.

These ideas are a great way to "chalk up a victory."   Okay, I had to do it. It was just too easy!

Lightning Wedding Picture (Fun Photography Series - pt 2)

With all the crazy weather we have been having, I thought this would be a great picture to represent current weddings in the Capital Region and also go along with my Local Wedding Trends spotlight series.

If you look just to the left side of the sky in the frame, you will see why this is arguably "a once in a lifetime opportunity" shot for local photographer Amy Hedges of A.Hedges Photograhy from Delmar, NY. (However, with the weather we have been having lately, it seems likely that lighting could very well strike twice making another picture like this for Amy possible.)

This is the second spotlight on a photographer that I have chosen to recognize for excellence in execution of services. As a local DJ, I have worked with Amy and can attest to her attention to fine detail.

A. Hedges Photography is a professional wedding and portrait photography studio in Albany, New York. For more information check out

Monday, June 24, 2013

Funny Wedding Pictures in Capital Region ( Pt 1 )


Wedding Season is back in FULL EFFECT and so far, it looks like mustaches are back, too!

As a DJ in and around The Capital Region, I asked a few local photographers that I have enjoyed working with to send me some fun poses that they have already shot. The above mustachio picture by professional photographer (Keira Lemonis Photography) is the very first image for this series that I got back.

It's funny. I do not know where this mustache humor came from, but I have already performed disc jockey services for three weddings in 2013 that had similar mustache swag available to their guests!

Keira Lemonis really is great fun to work with when she shoots a wedding. Based out of Albany, NY, she is creative, has a great sense of humor, and like Carrot Top, is abviously not afraid to use props. Her pictures really have an interesting style to them and are seemimgly great for people who like a classy, crafty, and also light feel to their pictures.

For more of Keira's work, check out  Thanks for reading!

- DJ Kenny Casanova,  ...

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Northeast Kidney Foundation Walk 2013 – Colonie, NY

Team "Kooky Kidney" Came Out For A Great Day Of Fun!

Northeast Kidney Foundation Walk 2013 – The Crossings

A bunch of great people came out for a great cause this Sunday; Northeast Kidney Foundation’s 2013 Walk at The Crossings in Colonie, NY.

This year's fundraiser was held on June 91th, 2013, featuring, Battlezone Laser Tag, Kizmet & her balloon-twisting clown friends, Sidney the Kidney, a petting zoo & pony rides , as well as Corporate Wellness Free Chair Massages.Corporate Wellness, by the way, was also at last week's fundraiser set too at the Crossings, 2013 The Easter Seals Walk With Me .


A super day was the backdrop, adding to the "fun" to fundraising. Click here to see our own picture gallery of the Norteast Kidney Foundation 2013 Walk At The Crossings - DJ pictures in Colonie, NY.

Also, if you missed the walk and would like to make an additional donation, please contact Carol LaFleur at 518-533-7880, or by emailing


Monday, June 3, 2013

2013 Easter Seals Walk at The Crossing

A little bit of rain did not put a damper on the Easter Seals annual "Walk With Me" fundraiser on Sunday, June 2, 2013 at The Crossings of Colonie.

For this year's celebratory Easter Seals walk fundraiser, we were able to help set the atmosphere by playing a a mix of classic throwbacks and today's modern hits. Sponsors such as CVS, Corporate Wellness Solutions, Albany Massage Therapy Association, Aflac, and Bub Kat Bounce, Resultz Zumba among others all threw into the hat for this great cause.

Even though there was a bit of rain, that did not stop our walkers!  Upon posting this article, a showing of $14,834.16 was raised in donations, and more pledges are still coming.

The Crossings of Colonie's Southern Pavilion of Loudonville put the perfect backdrop on the start of the two and a half mile "Family Fun Walk."  Even though there was a bit of rain that had me off and hiding equipment from the clouds above, the water held out until just in time.  The opening ceremonies and all activities went off without a hitch before the air horn sounded.

To see a gallery off of our DJ web site of all the fun, click here - 2013 Easter Seals Walk Gallery

When the rain finally did come, our walkers were already out and about walking the loop and it didn't matter. And as fate would have it, the rain stopped in plenty of time for the walkers to enjoy more festivities upon crossing the finish line.

Donations help to benefit great programs like Camp Colonie, a summer camp that provides a supportive and supervised program for individuals with physical, developmental, or emotional disabilities as well as typically developing children and young adults. 

If interested in the summer camp or taking part in next year's walk, please contact Chuck Paravella, Camp Director, at (518) 222-3932 with any questions. See you next year!

-DJ Kenny Casanova -


Thursday, May 9, 2013

How To Stream Your Wedding On The Web

It is really easy to stream your wedding free online!
A few years back, we got a Chinese Crested puppy. We still have him and he is a handful. Because of his crazy nature, we wondered what he was doing when we were away, or at work. Therefore, I did a little research and set up a webcam with a free stream site so we could watch what he did.

No daytime award emmy's here. It turned out his on camera performance was pretty lame; he slept all day. However, it wan't a total loss. I was able to easily set up a 24/7 online video feed for free that allowed me to view a place that I couldn’t be in.

"How does this apply to my party planning column?" you may ask. It is quite possible that you could video and stream your wedding online for those who can't be there. I do understand, however, some people don’t really know where to begin.
I just put up a page on my web site that will give you a very simple step-by-step instructional guide on how to stream your wedding for those who can’t attend, and most importantly, how to DO IT YOURSELF FOR FREE! It will offer all the different planning aspects you need to make your online wedding stream free and seamless to your guests.


- DJ Kenny Casanova is a wedding DJ from the Albany, NY area. If you are interested in booking DJ Kenny Casanova, call or TEXT 518-506-3305.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Candy Bag Wedding Place-cards

Here is a super neat idea if you are planning a wedding. There is a ig push these days by many halls to have a candy cart. If you are thinking of having a candle table at your wedding, here is a neat little idea I saw DJ’ing for a wedding at The Hilton Garden Inn on Hoosick Street in Troy, NY

As a special thank you from the bride & groom, the actual table place cards were little baggies to be saved and filled later on with goddies from the cart. Killing two birds with one stone, they printed the place card information on each bag, and instructed people to keep the bags for the party favor.

If you enjoyed this little wedding tip and want to see others like it, stop by DJ Kenny Casanova's web site at

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happening Troy Places


This is a response to Lady ChowChow's blog at: Is the Capital Area actually a happening place?

I was browsing the Internet and saw that a blogger nammed "Lady ChowChow" was questioning if the Capital Region was "happening." Being a mobile disc jockey from Troy, NY, I do get to see some very interesting places and meet some really interesting people. I would like to, therefore, respond to their recent post about happening areas in the Capital District. My vote is that this Upstate area is "happening" and not just in the mainstream areas that one would think to visit, like Albany and Saratoga.

While the Big Apple is called "the city that never sleeps" and seemingly always has something going on somewhere, The Capital Region is also happening, and not just in the so-called "hot spots." Areas in and around the state's capital are making an impact and not just by the creation of great new businesses and eateries popping up around Albany, NY.

For quite a while, Albany was really the only real town to go to for Capital Region "happening" happenings, but it seems, as of late, it's neighbor, Troy, NY is also becoming "the place to be." Here are a few reasons that The Capital Region is in fact happening, in Troy, proving that the area, as a whole is worth taking a look at:

Troy NY Place to go 1) CHARLES F LUCAS CONFECTIONERY - Lady ChowChow, first off, you hit sugary nail right on the head with your recent review. You are correct that the Lucus Confectionery & Wine Bar is a delicious place to grab a glass of wine with friends. They have a great wine list, with a vast import selection that allows wine drinkers of all makes the means to find something that they will personally enjoy.

The snacks are great. The cheese offerings at the Charles F Lucas Wine Bar are not cheesy, to say the least, and the sweets menu compliments the attitudes of the staff and owners: "comfortable and engaging."This truly is one of the newest happening spots to break out in Troy, where people go who want to try something new.

2) BROWNS BREWING CO. - Another interesting place the Troy traveler will want to try is Browns Brewing Co. If you are feeling more like beer instead of wine with weekly live entertainment, and interested in looking for a micro brewery with great food to boot, 417 River street is where it is at.

At Brown's Brewing Company, they have an impressive selection of homemade brews including Oatmeal Stout, Pale Ale, Brown Ale, Porter, Whiskey Porter, Tomhannock Pilsner, and my wife DJ Maria's personal favorite Cherry Raspberry Ale. Order one of these pints in a membership mug (well worth the money) along with a hot pretzel and you are good to go!

(Brown's Brewing Company is also the host of Revolution Hall, a musical venue that also pinch hits as an in-house catered wedding hall. Here is a recent review I wrote up on it, looking at Browns as a Wedding Venue.)

3) DINOSAUR BARBQUE - The Tres Amigos" Bar-BQ sampler at Dinosaur Barbque in Troy, NY., that is happening. Ask my stomach! In what many refer to as "the best biker bar around," this BBQ joint embraces individuality.The wait staff dress respectably, while at the same time showing off body art and piercings. However, they present each customer with excellent service and arguably the best barbque around.

Even though Dinosaurs Barbque has other locations regionally, they are not at all mainstream and corporate. Dinosaurs is all about the local scene. They book local entertainment, host live events and are really becoming part of the Troy, NY scene. Carrying their own competitor Brown's beer on tap, the atmosphere is one you won't want to write off in your Troy visit, and if you choose, you can even write on their bathroom wall, as that is encouraged, as well.

Troy NY restaurant
4) JOSE MALONE MEXICAN IRISH RESTAURANT - Lady ChowChow, I don't know what ethnic cuisine you prefer, but at this location, it doesn't matter...If you want the best in Mexican-Irish cuisine? (Insert ethnic joke here ___________. I could hit all kinds of stereotypical jokes here, but it is way too easy.)

Local Chef Ryan Cusack is the cultural mash-up mastermind behind this Mexican Irish blend. His mix of of mouth-watering Mexican & Latino dishes with Irish favorites makes this a place you have to experience to understand. If you want originality, this is the place to be, Jose Malone's serves Irish Bangers & Mash with a guacamole. This odd cultural mash-up is also quickly becoming known for their original margaritas and their once-a-week tapas menu.

Jose Malone is seemingly the perfect place to eat corned beef burritos, get drunk and have a siesta with all your friends. This, too, is a definite cultural melting pot in Uncle Sam's hometown that you won't want to miss.

What the hell? They even have a live Bluegrass music night?!

5) FOOTSY MAGOOS - One of the few places near Albany where one can find "pickleback shots" and a great peanut butter white Russian is also in Troy. Footsy's, making it's home in what used to be a savings bank, has a good selection of Scotch and Beers that you can easily bank on.

Whether you are hungry, thirsty, or just looking for a place that you can go to to have a good time with friends, this is a pace that is worth investing your night at. This oddly-decorated little place has a decent shepherd's pie, pictures of professional wrestlers and playing cards shellacked to the walls in the men's room, and a skee ball inside the steel vault from the old bank.

6) VILLA VALENTI PUB - Over on Pawling Avenuw is a pizza pub with great food and a rich history; perhaps one of the oldest and well-known pubs in Troy, owned formerly by Academy Award winner Maureen Stapleton and her brother John. Winning local chicken wing competition awards it seems now yearly, Villa Valenti Pub has a huge pizza take-out business, great pub fare, a beverage list that can't be beat.

This warm and friendly watering hole also mixes their great food and spirits with weekly entertainment. There is an Open Mic night. There are live bands. They have a weekly game-show like trivia game steeped in prizes and they also feature the area's hottest Karaoke Jam with old school music videos and every game playing on the 27 big screen TVs. This is the happening "place to be" for a great mix of food and fun.

So is the Capital Region happening, in Troy? Your thoughts?

Lady ChowChow bloggers, I challenge you to come back to Troy, NY sometime soon and give a few of these happening places a try. Then you will know, first hand, why Troy, NY is helping to better make The Capital Region a happening place!

- Yours smoothly,
DJ Kenny Casanova

P.S. I almost forgot The Brown Bag!!! (Pineapple Salsa Burger! Duh!)

For more on Troy, NY and also party planning tips & wedding information in The Capital Region, check out DJ Kenny Casanova's blog.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Revolution Hall at Browns Wedding Review


If you are from the Troy, New York area, you will know what I am talking about when I say, "My wife loves Brown's Cherry Raz."  But here is something not everyone knows about; Browns Brewery does a bang up job on weddings!

Just as a quick review, two weeks ago, I was the disc jockey for a couple who got married at Browns. I thought I would chime in on a review, and give a heads up to locals who are planning their wedding now. Overall, Brown's Revolution Hall might be a good option for you, if you are looking for an all-in-one location to host your wedding ceremony & reception.

LOCATION: Just to the right of what the public knows as Brown's Brewery 417 River Street in Troy, is an area closed off to the public. "Revolution Hall" is often used and known for hosting musical acts. Many residents of Troy may have seen such local Capital Region favorites like Hair Of The Dog, or The Refrigerators, under the Brown's promotional banner in this very location. However, because of the stage and open floor layout, this venue can be perfect for a wedding.
VENUE INFO: The layout of Revolution hall is great. There is a private bar section with it's own bathroom, a separate entrance/exit, a stage for entertainment, and even a balcony for additional reception seating. Browns allows for your wedding ceremony to take place in the stage hall, then moves your guests out to the bar hall. During cocktail hour, Brown's staff will remove the seating layout used for the ceremony and transform the same area into an elegant reception for dining.

FOOD: If you have eaten before at Brown's, you know that they are not only known for being good at their microbrewery. Their food is actually very good, as well. My suggestion, however, is to not totally cheap out on food at Browns. Since Browns is very flexible and easy to work with, they do have lower-end entrees available. However, cheaper food selections are still just that, low end, and your friends and family are worth the extra bucks, right?  My suggestion is to spend the extra little bit and get the good stuff! Make it a night to remember!

Brown's Revolution Hall might be a good option for a medium-sized wedding, if you are looking for an all-in-one location to host both your ceremony & reception.

MORE WEDDING TIPS? For more reviews and wedding ideas in the Troy, NY and Albany area, check out our web site at Troy & Albany NY Wedding DJ -  The author of this blog, DJ Kenny Casanova, is a well-sought after disc jockey from Upstate New York.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Wedding Guest Book Painting

Wedding Guest Book Painting Idea in Troy
Are you tired of the same boring weddings? Are you looking for tips toward making your wedding more creative wedding and new? Here is a fresh twist to collaborative efforts for a wedding guest book, where you bring out the artists in your friends and family members!

I was the DJ at a recent wedding at Revolution Hall in Troy, NY.  the bride and groom decided to go alternative with their guest book.

You can totally do this!

This idea is very simple and and easy one that you can add to your wedding with very little preparation on your behalf. All you do is provide a canvas along with some paint brushes and paint, then finish it off with a few short instructions on a tiny chalkboard.

By the end of the wedding reception, the newlyweds now have a great keepsake that they can hang in their new home to remind them of their special day! You could have one , too! Be creative and try this at your own wedding!
Good people of Troy, New York...Whether you already knew it or not, Browns Brewing is a great place to have your wedding, where you too can set up your very own painting guest book just like this couple did! They have a hall set aside for private events in another section of the building. See Revolution Hall.

For more tips and wedding ideas like this one, Check out Troy NY Wedding DJ DJ Kenny Casanova's web site blog at

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top 10 Ways to Save $$$ on Your Albany Wedding

There are many ways to cut corners at your wedding so that you don't have to break the budget to meet your vision of your very special day. However, sometimes people cut in the wrong places and the guests can tell.

Here is a list I created using tips from clients who were married around the area and found ways to make some real good savings.

This is a totally doable top 10 list of wedding-saving-ways to save that have tips that don't affect quality and actually works:

1. PRIORITIZE EVERYTHING – A couple of years back, I picked up a neat little tip I like to pass along my clients from the Williams, who got married at The State Room in Albany, NY… Here is what they said,
“Before you even begin planning your wedding and reception, you really need to sit down with your partner and make a list of your top five priorities. This way you know what absolutely stays and where cuts can happen.” With a list of what is important and what is not written out on paper, you both know what is important. This allows for everyone to be on the same page."

2. CAERING COSTS - LIMIT YOUR GUEST LIST – If you need to save money, don't waste your time corner-cutting on the DJ, the decorations, or the dinner, those are only savings that amount to pennies on the dollar… These can hurt the fun! The real best way to really save is to be ruthless with your head count. Keeping the guest list down as best as possible will drastically reduce your wedding cost, overall. The Sefik’s, a great couple out of Clifton Park, NY pointed out that, “most caterers, venues, restaurants and banquet halls charge per-person.” They noted that if you have a 150 guests and can cut it down to 125, there alone you will save about $1,300. So how do you do this? One tip if you see your guest list is getting out of hand, omit children and coworkers. Making category cuts across the board is the best way to make people not feel that they were being singled out.

3. FOOD & BOOZE – Research everything they have to show. Look at all of your options and never be afraid to ask questions. The Bovairs of West Sand Lake recommended that, “brides and grooms should consider a buffet instead of a sit-down meal, or break tradition all the way. Why not go with a dessert reception, or a brunch or luncheon instead of a huge sit-down multi-course meal?” Some people actually go with an all appetizer / finger food reception now.

4. LOCATION SELECTION IS KEY - There are boat-loads of options for low-cost or no-cost locations, including local and national parks, forest preserves, your own back yard or that of a friend or relative.

One groom said, "Lesser-known restaurants are usually a under-rated option. Many eateries would love to have your business and, at the same time have gorgeous tables and chairs, and décor. You could save a bundle, all around."

5. CLOTHING – You don't have to buy at a traditional bridal salon. You could purchase a gown at an outlet or from a department store in the special occasion’s off-the-rack area. One bride even told me, “You can score a pre-owned gown at sites like and

To read the rest of this blog, and FIVE MORE real good tips on how to save money at your wedding in Albany, NY Click Here... 

DJ Kenny Casanova is a high-profile wedding DJ out of the Upstate NY area.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Wedding Ceremony Music Ideas & Music List

If you are planning a wedding in Albany, Troy, Schenectady, or anywhere else in the world you know there are a zillion things to think about. The catering, the venue, the DJ, the cocktail hour, the clothing, the decoration, the centerpieces, the flowers, the bouquet, the favors, did I forget something? Wait! Have you even stopped to think about the ceremony yet?

The selection for the music for your wedding ceremony is always a difficult task. My customers from Albany NY to Saratoga Springs come to me all the time and say, "Kenny! Where do I start?" It's actually not so difficult.

Here is the traditional wedding ceremony outline:
PRELUDE - Before things get underway, bout four or five songs played as a prelude when the guests are seated. This sets the atmosphere. (When there is no music playing, it feels more like a funeral!) The music selections are typically light and/or elegant. A different song is often selected when the mothers of the bride and groom are seated, as a symbol that things are about to begin.

PROCESSIONAL - Everything starts when the groomsmen and the groom move to the front from the side. The men do not typically walk down the aisle, because that spotlight will now be reserved for the women. There are two songs during the processional: one song is chosen for when the bridesmaids enter, and the other song is to be the most dramatic choice, selected for play when the bride walks down the aisle.

RECESSIONAL - One last song is played after the kiss for the bride and groom to walk back up the aisle to. Think happy atmosphere when selecting the song to be played here! The music played in the recessional, should symbolize the happiness of the couple’s new life together.

Most people often want the traditional classic wedding music, but have absolutely NO IDEA what the songs are actually called. I can help you with that.

Here is my playlist when I am told to play the traditional favorites:
1) PRELUDE: Spring, Canon in D, Four Seasons Winter, Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring,
2) PROCESSIONAL: Air of The G String
3) BRIDAL MARCH: The Traditional Bridal March Song “Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin” Richard Wagner (also known as “Here Comes the Bride.“)
4) RECESSIONAL: The main familiar one that everyone knows is by Mendelssohn— “ Wedding March” from Midsummer Night’s Dream (Traditional Recessional), some also select Beethoven’s “Ode To Joy” from Symphony No. 9: Movement 4.


You can totally customize the song selection to fit your taste. There are tons of great selections out there that may be better suited for you than classical music. One of the most moving bridal marches I have seen was set to Enya’s “Only Time.” However, the most memorable one was last summer, when I had a bride who walked down the aisle to Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire,” so go figure.

If you are interested in more about Albany, NY DJ wedding disc jockey speialist, DJ Kenny Casanova & DJ Maria... Check out his site at

Monday, January 7, 2013

Streaming Boxes Save $$$ On your Cable Bill

Roku vs Apple TV

If you are like me, you are looking at a monthly cable bill above $100 a month. Are you paying that monsterous monthly cable bill with ease in today's economy? Does it seem like the fight of paying additional movie or add-on fees never ends? Well, maybe you could unsubscribe to some of those expensive add-on movie channels and pick up a streaming media box. It lets you see channels from the internet for FREE! That's right. Plug in a box to your television and get more channels without an additional monthly charge. A web-based television experience is the way of the future.

I became a big fan of TheCoolTV on cable. It was a syndicated music video channel that decided to, in their own words, "take over where MTV left off." CoolTV played a great mix of everything music video, and took pride in an ONLY music video format with no reality tv or programs. When my local TimeWarner stopped carrying this “.1” channel, I thought it was gone forever. But I was wrong. I soon learned that I could see the coolness once again perhaps through streaming media boxes like Roku and Apple TV.

OTT (Over The Top) or Set-Top boxes like The Roku and AppleTV Box are devices that receive the “media broadcast” or content over the Internet by streaming. All you really do is plug a little wallet-shaped box into your HD television and your wireless router does the rest. They range from $60-$120 or so and offer loads of content without a monthly fee.

These little streaming media boxes warriors have subscription-based services like Netflix, HuluPlus, and Amazon along with other web-based media “channels” that provide audio and video content from the internet. Plugging one of these into your television’s HDMI connection brings to your screen an alternative platform to your cable provider that is similar to “On Demand” channels. Some of these channels you pay for, and some you don’t. Some channels have either live streaming programs, or an archived show library, or a combination of both.

There are a bunch of these boxes out there, but only two of them are really cornering the market; Apple TV and The Roku.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How To Pay For Your Dream Wedding

Do you want the wedding of your dreams, but think you just don't have the money to do so?

Maybe the fiscal cliff has been solved, but that doesn't matter. Wedding bills sometimes make people feel like driving off a cliff.

It is true. Paying for a even a moderate traditional wedding can be very expensive, getting everything you want. I mean think about it, if you were to pick up the tab for 150 people at a restaurant, it is going to be big bucks. Now, add booze and entertainment to the list! However, there are ways to prepare for your wedding and supplement your income so you don't have to cheap out, and still get what you want in the end.

HOW TO AFFORD THE FOOD - No matter how you slice the proverbial wedding cake, your biggest bill overall at any wedding will what you pay for food. If you will be hosting say 120 guests or so, by today's stanards you are probably looking at $50 a plate, or more. Then, add this $6,000 to additional venue costs, and whatever you are choosing to pay for boozing, and you find yourself close to a $10,000 bill. If you are like many people in today's economy, you may think you simply cannot afford it.

MINIMIZE YOUR GUEST LIST - Take a deep breath. An elementary way to really save money is by keeping an eye on your invite list down to save on catering. That means you only invite the important people; friends, family and the people you really care about in your life. Keep the guest list number low! If this is not something you really can do, keep in mind that many brides & grooms have been same boat that you are in, and have come up with ways to still make their dream wedding happen, with a little planning and organization.

ONLINE INCOME OPTION - If you are like many people today and do not have a whole lot of time in your week to work extra hours all the time, offering a skill on Craigslist is a great way to pick up some extra hours according to your availability here and there, to generate extra income. If you do well with landscaping, carpentry, housekeeping, babysitting, or even bartending, you can go online to craigslist at any time and pick up some extra temporary work to supplement your income. Make a hobby of this and see what happens!

SELL SOMETHING !!! - If you have a product you can sell, do it! Both Ebay and Amazon, and even your local Craigslist offer storefont potential with no overhead (rent) and many people earn almost an additional full-time income from junk they sell online! That means, if you have a product you can sell, you can do so on these sites and reach tons of customers, without having to pay rent or employees to man a store.

If you don't have anything to sell, some of my customers have told me that they make thousands by finding collectibles at yard sales and reselling them on Ebay/Amazon.

PART TIME JOB - However, I have found that a number of my DJ customers have decided to treat their wedding budget the same way as some families treat huge Christmas lists; by taking on a part-time job for a short period of time to make it happen. Grabbing up part-time job really is perfect for making that little bit of extra money needed, with the potential to just ease go back to your comfortable lifestyle, soon after the wedding kitty is full. Here are some good resources to use, in case you are thinking about taking on some side work, so that you can have the wedding of your dreams!

However, if you don't mind throwing a few hours into the dream wedding kitty, a part time job with an additional hundred or two dollars of income for a few months may really be the way to go!

PROFESSIONAL RESUME - I also teach a career-based class at The Capital Region Career & Technical School in Albany, NY. I explain to my students that, to get that extra little job, you really have to stand out from the rest of the people applying for a position in today's competitive economy. It is alll about packaging.

If the position you are interested in is skill-based, bringing a portfolio to your interview with lots of great pictures is a good idea. But first of, you need to have a professional resume to get your foot in the door. Sometimes 100-500 people may apply to the same job, so you have to stand out from all the rest. Professional resumes are not just lists of dates and addresses, today they have finely crafted bullets with action phrases displaying what it is you did at a past work experience
Resume Template - Here is a link to a great RESUME TEMPLATE that I have created. TIP- make sure to make EVERYTHING uniform on your resume. This is your first impression to a potential employer. Make it count!

Resume Action Verbs - It is always important to add ACTION VERBS under your work experiences. These will help the potential employer understand what kind of experience you have that may be a good match for them. This link is a list of those words that will better help them to visualize you working for them.

 Here is a sample of what the RESUME might look like when you are done.

ADD A COVER LETTER - Don't forget to add a COVER LETTER along with your resume, before sending it out. Here is a few links to some cover letter resources that I have created to help make your resume stand out from the rest:

COVER LETTER logic - Here is a link to a list of things to think about when writing your cover letter.

Cover Letter Sample - This is a sample of what a cover letter might look like when it is done.

Cover Letter Template - Here is a template on how to write a cover letter.

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