Monday, April 30, 2012

Avoid Wedding Disasters Top 10 List

Avoid Wedding Disasters Top 10 List There are so many checklist items that, when overlooked, can throw your wedding into the unfortunate "Wedding Disaster" category. However, many of these things can be avoided with at little no cost to the bride and groom. Here is a simple list of things to think about and ponder when you planning your wedding so you, too,can avoid a wedding disaster.

1) Avoid placing your wedding date on a holiday - this creates a built in competition quandary for your guests and you may find that your wedding is not everyone's #1 priority.

2) Try to always plan for Saturday Night Weddings - Fridays people sometimes have to work and Sundays people have no day to recover/travel.

3) Have Rain Check Back Up Plan for outside weddings - whether it is the ceremony or the reception, have a back up plan in case it rains.

4) Give plenty of time for the invitation - Some people see that up to 6 months before the event is a good heads up time to RSVP. Others say even more time is essential to the success of your guest list attendance.

5) Keep the invite list numbers as low as possible - Don't invite just anyone. Your biggest expense is usually your venue/catering. Keeping your numbers down can save hundreds of dollars with only a handful of guests.

6) Seat older people away from the DJ - Even if old Grandma Smithers has a hearing aid and really can't hear well, she sure will hear the DJ if she is placed right by the speakers. She will also want the music turned down to practically nothing.

7) Don't force your lifestyle on your guests - If you are vegetarian or vegan, it may not be a good idea to only offer these dishes at your wedding. A good host tries to accomodate their guests desires in order to make them happy, not force something on them. This goes for food as well as music selection.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Country Western Theme Party / Wedding Ideas

Okay, so you have decided to host a Country-Western theme party, or corporate event. You already know that snakeskin boots, leather chaps and cowboy hats would probably all be great ideas to get over a great Country Western Theme event. But do you think you still need more, partner?

This blog is chock full of western party ideas that will help you come up with the party invitations, decorations and activities that will make your hoedown throw-down one that nobody will forget.

Party Invitations
Start the theme at the very get-go. Use your imagination to round up your western theme party guests. The more creative your invitations are, the better response you are likely to get.

DRESS TO IMPRESS REMINDER - Make sure to request that your guests come to the party wearing the invitation (the hat, not the paper). Whatever you choose to do, make sure and instruct your guests to dress in the appropriate regalia dressed for the occasion at hand. Let them know that as the host, you'll be decked out in denim, and hope they do the same. Offer ideas right in your invitation including clothing options like leather fringe, cowboy boots with spurs, a western bolo tie, a sequin cowboy hat, holster or a nice cowgirl vest/skirt combo.
WANTED / REWARD POSTER INVITATIONS - use one of these as the invitation to your party! Use parchment colored paper and black lettering, and if you are really feeling like a cowboy, dip it in coffee to age it or burn the sides. Roll the poster up with all of the party details on the inside, and tie it with some cheap twine, or maybe a bandana.
COWBOY HAT INVITATIONS - Deliver a colorful cowboy hat to all of your guests. You can put all the party details folded up on a Wanted Poster style flyer inside of the hat.

Decorations & Party Supplies
A wise cowboy once said, “there are three things you have to think about when planning a Country Themed Party; location, location, location.” If you can get a rented barn or ranch, this would be a great setting for all your favorite buckaroos to gather at. If you can pull this off for your venue, you have a lot of your must-have decorations already built in.

SHUTTER DOORS - “must-have” decoration to set up the old western bar shutter doors wherever you can. This will make your guests enter in style.
TOWN BANNER - Welcome your guests with a long banner at the entrance to the party that says something like “Company Hoedown” or some other creative title that follows the theme. This should look like what you would see in the movies when the town was celebrating something, with the Sheriff or town Mayor on a stage.
VARMINTS - Place rubber rattle snakes all around the ground, but fear not, your cowboys and cowgirls will surely be able to handle them.
CACTUS - Get some real cactus plants for decorations. If it isn’t in the budget, try cactus cutouts.
TUMBLEWEEDS - A number of large tumbleweed balls to kick around would really be a mood setter.
SADDLES - Borrow or rent a horse saddle and put it somewhere like on top of one of the bales of hay.
COWBOY BOOTS - Western boot danglers are an easy and fun party decoration. Use them all over the room or highlight a special area, like the buffet. Either use real boots from a thrift store, perhaps, or cutout paper ones.
WANTED POSTERS - Hang up silly wanted posters all over the walls with funny crimes listed under the mug shot. You can personalize the posters with the host/hostesses pictures or even ones of key guests.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Russian Wedding Tradition List

Setting aside mail order Russian brides, there are some very different traditions that revolve around Russian weddings. Whether you are a Russian bride or groom-to-be, this is a great list of Russian traditions that may help you come up with some great ideas to commemorate and celebrate your ancestral roots of Old Mother Russia.

For one, did you know that traditional Russian weddings are much longer than the traditional American wedding of today in that they typically go on for two full days?

THE KISS PRINT NAPKIN - Before the actual wedding ceremony, there are things to do and it’s tradition for all Russian grooms to accomplish a few prenuptial traditions. For example, when he comes to pick up his bride, the groom may be handed a napkin with lipstick prints of the bride and her attendants on it. In the unfortunate case that the groom can’t pick out which is his bride’s kiss print, he must pay a fine to the bride-to-be. In jest, Grooms who guess wrong may have to cover a shawl with money to reassure her.

PRE-CEREMONY REGISTRATION- The very official traditional Russian ceremony is only one part of the entire wedding event. To start things off, the bride and groom arrive in separate cars and are lead into different rooms that are ideally a decent distance apart before filling out the regestration papers. Next, the couple wait until they are called.

PRE-CEREMONY BUTTEFLY TOSS - Once the Russian bride and groom exit the civil marriage registration office, it’s time for picture taking to commemorate the occasion. Friends and family members toss flower petals, coins, and sometimes release butterflies to wish the couple good luck. And before they leave, it’s tradition for the groom to sweep the bride up in his arms and kiss her in front of all assembled, among flying butterflies.

PRE-CEREMONY BREAD PRESENTATION - Before the actual exiting the registration hall, a member of the bridal party, or sometimes another special person is assigned to present the bride and groom with the ceremonial bread and salt tray, which will be an important part of the Russian wedding tradition. Next, the bride and groom are lead into the actual ceremony hall where the actual rites and vows are to be held.

BRIDAL PARTY SASHES - It has always been tradition for the Russian best man and the Russian maid of honor to wear sashes over their clothing.

RUSSIAN WEDDING RUG - For the actual ceremony iteslf, the bride and groom always stand on a traditional homemade wedding carpet created just for the wedding, usually by a loved one. In front of the specially-crafted carpet, the officiant reads a welcoming speech and then asks the bride and groom to confirm their reason for being there. Very much like our American tradition, the Russian bride and groom then engage in an exchanging of rings, the couples sign in the registry, and then the witnesses sign and the couple are pronounced man and wife.

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