Monday, March 25, 2013

Revolution Hall at Browns Wedding Review


If you are from the Troy, New York area, you will know what I am talking about when I say, "My wife loves Brown's Cherry Raz."  But here is something not everyone knows about; Browns Brewery does a bang up job on weddings!

Just as a quick review, two weeks ago, I was the disc jockey for a couple who got married at Browns. I thought I would chime in on a review, and give a heads up to locals who are planning their wedding now. Overall, Brown's Revolution Hall might be a good option for you, if you are looking for an all-in-one location to host your wedding ceremony & reception.

LOCATION: Just to the right of what the public knows as Brown's Brewery 417 River Street in Troy, is an area closed off to the public. "Revolution Hall" is often used and known for hosting musical acts. Many residents of Troy may have seen such local Capital Region favorites like Hair Of The Dog, or The Refrigerators, under the Brown's promotional banner in this very location. However, because of the stage and open floor layout, this venue can be perfect for a wedding.
VENUE INFO: The layout of Revolution hall is great. There is a private bar section with it's own bathroom, a separate entrance/exit, a stage for entertainment, and even a balcony for additional reception seating. Browns allows for your wedding ceremony to take place in the stage hall, then moves your guests out to the bar hall. During cocktail hour, Brown's staff will remove the seating layout used for the ceremony and transform the same area into an elegant reception for dining.

FOOD: If you have eaten before at Brown's, you know that they are not only known for being good at their microbrewery. Their food is actually very good, as well. My suggestion, however, is to not totally cheap out on food at Browns. Since Browns is very flexible and easy to work with, they do have lower-end entrees available. However, cheaper food selections are still just that, low end, and your friends and family are worth the extra bucks, right?  My suggestion is to spend the extra little bit and get the good stuff! Make it a night to remember!

Brown's Revolution Hall might be a good option for a medium-sized wedding, if you are looking for an all-in-one location to host both your ceremony & reception.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Wedding Guest Book Painting

Wedding Guest Book Painting Idea in Troy
Are you tired of the same boring weddings? Are you looking for tips toward making your wedding more creative wedding and new? Here is a fresh twist to collaborative efforts for a wedding guest book, where you bring out the artists in your friends and family members!

I was the DJ at a recent wedding at Revolution Hall in Troy, NY.  the bride and groom decided to go alternative with their guest book.

You can totally do this!

This idea is very simple and and easy one that you can add to your wedding with very little preparation on your behalf. All you do is provide a canvas along with some paint brushes and paint, then finish it off with a few short instructions on a tiny chalkboard.

By the end of the wedding reception, the newlyweds now have a great keepsake that they can hang in their new home to remind them of their special day! You could have one , too! Be creative and try this at your own wedding!
Good people of Troy, New York...Whether you already knew it or not, Browns Brewing is a great place to have your wedding, where you too can set up your very own painting guest book just like this couple did! They have a hall set aside for private events in another section of the building. See Revolution Hall.

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