Friday, September 3, 2010

Wedding Reception Bridal Bouquet Toss Tips

Tradition has every bride throwing the bouquet behind them, at some point during their wedding reception. What is this all about? Well, this tradition is supposed to bring good fortune to the lucky single woman who catches the flowers, as she is then destined to be the next one to marry and live a long happy life, just as the bride. Along with the flowers, goes the responsibility of taking the garter that the single male counterpart caught, in a silly exhibition set to music. This activity happens nine times out of ten. We have all seen it before. There are, however, a few things to think about when organizing this activity.

If you predict that there are going to be a lot of children attending your wedding reception, you may want to set aside something for them to do, so that they have a special moment for them during the bridal bouquet toss. I have seen a number of tosses where a child has caught the flowers, and an older man catches the garter. As I DJ, I call this “Deliverance” or the outback Ravena, NY moment. The old man then has to put the garter on a young girl. Can you say, “creepy moment?”

One thing you can do to avoid this and keep the silly fun on the up-and-up, is to exclude children under 16 or so from participating. But then, before the bride tosses her wedding bouquet, toss something else just for the kids. You could toss a stuffed animal in bridal regalia, or a teddy bear or even a special smaller bouquet of flowers just for this segment. It is another great photo opportunity!

One other thing to think about is your crowd participation factor. Sometimes your guests are all about jumping in there for a good time, but sometimes, “eh.” If you really want to have everyone lining up in your groom garter/ bridal bouquet toss, then there is only one answer. BRIBE THEM.

Have your wedding disc jockey hold up a prize that you have provided for the catchers. While a dance with the bride or groom might be nice, remember, cash is king. Then, your participant base will grow, and you will have great pictures and memories for years to come!

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