Monday, December 20, 2010

The Elvis-Themed Wedding!

Want your wedding to be unforgetable? Add a theme!

Here is an nifty idea… How about a wedding that is "fit for a King" pardon the pun? An Elvis Presely-themed wedding can be as classy, or as crazy as you would like it to be. This idea can do it all.

Elvis had many different looks over his time here on earth. He was a pop sensation, rock-n-roller, cowboy, Las Vegas swooner, and heart throb, depending on when you look at him. And you cannot forget his Blue Hawaiin period, which will bring in a whole different element to any wedding reception.

But what about the ceremony? What can you do if you are not really into the Elvis theme during the vows? Well... If you still want the classy traditional tuxedoed look for your wedding ceremony and really only want the Elvis theme for the reception, the easist way I have seen to incorporate it is by dressing only the goormsmen of the wedding party’s feat in Blue Suede Shoes. Then, all you have to do is match the shade of blue for the bridesmaid's dresses/gowns!

Ready to go the next step? Make the ushers dress as Elvis impersonators for the big day! And how about changing up that traditional bridal march to a balladand walk the aisle to Elvis singing “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You”.

Once the reception kicks in, anything goes. Peanutbutter and banana sandwich horesdurves are a must! Also, add some 50’s sunglasses on every table and some hawaiin leighs.

Thanks you very much, Mama!

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