Monday, January 24, 2011

Plan The Perfect Wedding - Thinking of your guests on your day

"Can I have the perfect wedding?" Yes, but you may have to give a little. The only real way to be happy with your reception is if all the people around you are happy. The big question, therefore, then should not be "What do I want?" but rather, "What do I want for my guests?"

All little girls write their names on their notebooks in school with their crush's last name instead of their own. And they all picture the perfect white wedding as well. Creating the best wedding reception as an adult, however, is like writing a term paper for school. You have to do some research and focus on finding answers to the right questions, first. Therefore, you actually have to pick the right questions.

Finding the answers to, "what do I like?" may come off selfish and create moments that are only meaningful to you. What you should rather do isl spawn a number of sub-questions that go along with it like, "what do I want my guests to say when they sit down?" and also, "what do I want my guests to say when they walk out the door?"

WHO IS GOING TO BE THERE? - Thinking about who is going to be there before you actually plan, will make your reception "the best wedding of all time." Different people like different things and you have to have a happy medium of what they will like and what you will like also.
HOW CAN I BE A GOOD HOST? - Be a good host and your party will be good. It is just that smimple. What can you do to accommodate all of your guests' wishes? Your homework is to find what really makes you happy, and also makes every guest attending happy as well.

HOW CAN I MAKE MY WEDDING STAND OUT? - Because loads of different wedding receptions happen everyday across the globe, it is safe to say thousands of alternative reception options have been created and your answers are out there. You just have to find them. Using this planning philosophy can work in every area including food, entertainment, music and even the overall look & layout of the decor.

Be unselfish and be kind and fill in the blanks with stuff you love and things that symbolize who you are. The rest will be perfect.

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