Monday, March 5, 2012

Don't Place Your Wedding On A Holiday

Face it. Aside from your one Uncle Jerry who farts a lot, and the one cousin Sarah who gets extremely drunk even at communion, for the most part, you really want your all of your friends and family to be able to make to your special day. However, there is one mistake that a lot of party planners seem to make when selecting when the day should take place... AND THAT IS PUTTING THE DATE ON A HOLIDAY.

When you are picking a date to throw a big event like a wedding, one you should approach things with a good business mind. That means, KNOW YOUR COMPETITION.

Yes, at first, itseems like a novel idea; getting married on Christmas Eve, or The Fourth of July, perhaps. Your guests already have off, and it is fun be able to say we are getting married on New Years Eve, or something. However, placing your special day on a date where your guests may already have plans/yearly traditions is usually a really bad idea.

For one, holiday choices sometimes can make some very important people in your lives have to pick between attending either their yearly plan/tradition, or attending your function. This can upset your guests or even you when you see what their decision is. It is a bad position to put people in on both sides. An easy way out of this stress is to pick a day when nothing seems to be happening.

Another reason chosing a holiday for your special day is often not a good idea is you may loose some of the fun people who might have attended that are not all that close to you. That can mean less people you haven't seen in a long time, or even worse, less of a good time overall.

So when selecting a date, think twice before choosing that holiday for your big special day. If you create competion for your event by choosing a bad day from the start, you are only setting yourself up for potential heartache.

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  1. A very practical advise. It's really awful having to choose between two events you would not want to miss.

    Also, it's the time of year when wedding providers are either closed or too busy to accommodate you properly, which adds more complications. If you are booking wedding musicians for the New Year, it could cost you more too as they usually receive more offers than the usual allowing them to charge higher rates.