Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fingerprint Wedding Guest Book

A Fingerprint Guest Book is a great alternative.
Over the weekend, I was the DJ at a fun wedding in Clifton Park, New York and saw something I just had to share with you all again. At the Clifton Park Elks, who, by the way, is a great venue for medium-sized weddings, I saw a nifty alternative to the traditional boring wedding guestbook, perfect for those who like to be creative and different.

This wedding guest book alternative option is the creation of a "Wedding Tree" by each one of your guests, who provide the leaves for this collaboration. In this idea, you allow friends and family to leave their fingerprint in ink, in the place of a leaf as proof of attendance.

In the end, no lame book of names, but rather a finished product of a wonderful collaborative piece of artwork.

This is an easy fun activity and can probably be whipped together for under $10!

Simply enough, just lay out a nice table with a bare tree already drawn out on a poster board. Next to it, add different color ink blotters, maybe like bingo markers, so that a guest "leaves" their special mark in style. Also, leave pens out so that your friends and family can sign their addition to the tree.

At the end of the wedding reception, you will have a great frameable keepsake to remember the fun you had at your wedding.
1. Provide ink blotters, pens, and a poster.

2. Guests fingerprint & sign.
3. Different color options is a must!

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