Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday Fail - 2012

Because wedding season slows down a little over the holidays, I decided not to write about the nice little reception we did at The Stockade Inn that I did over the weekend, and focus on "Black Friday" for this post. First off, unlike the wedding I was the DJ for at there in Schenectady, there was nothing "nice", nor "little" about this year's Black Friday.

For the past 8 years or so, a friend of mine has been meeting up with me at the crack of dawn to run around like fools the day after Thanksgiving, looking at the deals at all the major stores in the area. However, the deal with this year's Black Friday, in my opinion, was there were no deals.It looks like Black Friday may have a very grim future and the downward spiral has begun.

IT IS NO LONGER JUST FRIDAY - I think this greedy move by retailers to try and get all of your holiday money spent at just their locationis going to backfire in the end. Target said, "lets open at 9pm on THURSDAY," so Walmart opened at 8pm, with two other "sale events" kicking in later at midnight, then early in the morning on Friday.

Creating a "Gray Thursday" is a bad idea, in my opinion. This also grays the line for when Black Friday actually starts and creates lees of a sense of urgency on the buyer's behalf. Why wake up at midnight or 5am or whenever for Black Friday sales, if places have already been open since immediately after you ate your pumkin pie the night before.

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