Thursday, May 9, 2013

How To Stream Your Wedding On The Web

It is really easy to stream your wedding free online!
A few years back, we got a Chinese Crested puppy. We still have him and he is a handful. Because of his crazy nature, we wondered what he was doing when we were away, or at work. Therefore, I did a little research and set up a webcam with a free stream site so we could watch what he did.

No daytime award emmy's here. It turned out his on camera performance was pretty lame; he slept all day. However, it wan't a total loss. I was able to easily set up a 24/7 online video feed for free that allowed me to view a place that I couldn’t be in.

"How does this apply to my party planning column?" you may ask. It is quite possible that you could video and stream your wedding online for those who can't be there. I do understand, however, some people don’t really know where to begin.
I just put up a page on my web site that will give you a very simple step-by-step instructional guide on how to stream your wedding for those who can’t attend, and most importantly, how to DO IT YOURSELF FOR FREE! It will offer all the different planning aspects you need to make your online wedding stream free and seamless to your guests.


- DJ Kenny Casanova is a wedding DJ from the Albany, NY area. If you are interested in booking DJ Kenny Casanova, call or TEXT 518-506-3305.

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