Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The LOST finale was well worth waiting for. I very much enjoyed the purgatory spin on the glimpses of the alternate timeline we looked at during the final season. The mythological backdrop direction answers all the questions that smart viewers should have still had, without coming right out and saying it.

This final Lost episode was perfect, if you were a watcher of the show on a regular basis, which most haters of the finale clearly were not. Therefore, in my opinion, those who didn’t like it are probably most likely ones who didn’t really watch the show and probably just jumped on for the finale. These are the mainstreamers who really should have no say, as they do not have the full story arch in mind when they attempt to critique it.

All the important stuff was covered. The original of the isle was the only thing left a mystery, and that is totaly fine. Would it have been better if someone came out and said, “Oh the island was a space ship,” or, “Oh the island was cursed place and the gate to hell,” ??? The show was clearly science fiction. No explanation is necessary, and to do so would discredit the charm of the story.

The other timeline is season 6 where the plane had never crashed was clearly purgatory. Whether it was all in Jack’s head until the spirits met up in the church, or a collective spirit world awaiting the afterlife, it didn’t matter.

For the non-thinkers, Christian Shepard (Jack's father) came right out and explained it. Everything on the island was real. You can't get more clear than that.

My overall thought on LOST as a whole is it clearly had a start, a middle, and an end. It was a great show that continued to make you think, even in the last episode.

QUESTION: How many other shows today make you think? How many other shows on television command their viewers to create theories and try to answer mysteries within it like LOST did? ANSWER: Very few. Today’s television has evolved into mindless crap like reality shows and competitive crap like American idol that involve very little thinking to watch, so little they are mindless.

I thank LOST for six years of daring to provide a show for the thinkers, and not a show that spelled everything out in black and white, to the mindless viewers who wouldn’t like it anyhow.

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