Monday, July 26, 2010

Themed Alternatives to Wedding Place Cards

You know the little cards that lead you to your table at the wedding reception... Well, they do not need to be cards anymore. As I wrote in a previous blog about a month ago, I recently saw a couple use lit tea candles with their guests names printed on the candle holders. This isn't the only alternative option out there, especially when a them is involved.

At a beach-theme reception, you can really have a blast. Seashells with names printed on them, perhaps from metallic ink pens are a novel idea, as are decorative stones. Other people may choose to actually decorate coconuts with their guests names on them, as well. Other ideas can include mini-ships in a bottle, messages in bottles (open slips of paper read through the glass), or other various sea-related statuettes.

A vegas theme could involve poker chips with names on them, or even large playing cards!

Music-friendly? Another neat idea includes cd's (compact discs) with the couples names printed on them, with music for later listening. How about a 45 record with names on them for the older guests?!

It is really worth stopping by the dollar store and seeing what you can whip together! You will be surprised, and hopefully, so will your guests!

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