Monday, August 2, 2010

Dim tent reception? Add paper lanterns!

This past weekend, I did the DJ work for a great little wedding at The Bucksteed Manor in Washinton, MA.

The Bucksteed was like a cross between a bed-n-breakfast and a mini-resort. It had a main eating hall, little cabins, a tent perfect for the reception, a barn gutted and turned into a full bar, and a nice gazebo for the ceremony.

The entire backdrop is wooded area surrounding a nice open field.

The massive tent had a line drwan up high in the center with large white circular paper lanterns, each with a soft glowing single watch battery-operated LED light. These lanterns provided a nice glow to light everything up with a ton of class.

THe paper lanterns where cheap but looked awesome. Another great idea that needed to be shared.

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