Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wedding Recption Money-Saving Tip: Centerpieces

I had to put this money saving tip up as a blog the moment I heard about it. While it is not really my idea, I must admit, it is a good one that I needed to pass on.

Since most brides & grooms book their weddings on a weekend, be it Friday, Saturday or Sunday, they are probably not the only ones using that hall over those days. While it is not always probable, it is certainly possible to have up to four or five other weddings in the very same room you are renting on the same weekend. Most Halls book out their popular rooms for parties in blocks like this:

A - Friday Evening
B - Saturday Morning toAfternoon
C - Saturday Afternoon to Evening
D - Sunday Morning to Afternoon
E - Sunday Afternoon to Evening

Think about that for a second. Do I need to even say where I am going with this? If you, or your the other bridal party(s) are sharing the same colors, or are open to working together, why not share the center pieces and split in on flowers? If you end up splitting in with only one other wedding, that right there is a hefty 50% off on your flowers.

Of course, you will not be able to give the centerpieces away, but honestly, as a wedding DJ who provides great music to the very end of the night, quite often, people do not always want the burden of bringing home the centerpieces anyhow, as I have seen many wedding receptions end with the flowers being left behind.

If this money-saving tactic works for you, the only flowers you have to pay for in face value is the wedding bouquet that the bride will toss. :)

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