Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Alternative Nontraditional Wedding Resource

Being a wedding DJ who specializes in modern weddings, I found a resource on the world wide web that I thought stood out as being a bit different from the rest. This web site, I think, is a great option for brides who do not want their wedding to be the traditional ceremony and reception that we have grown accustomed to here in the states. They want it to be different.

Here is the url:


The Offbeat Bride website launched on four years ago, now, to support the release of Ariel Meadow Stalling's book entitled, "Offbeat Bride: Creative Alternatives for Independent Brides."

Since the book promotion, the web site slowly grew into a multi-writer blog with tons of photos from "offbeat" weddings and wedding advice for couples planning weddings full of originality and personality.

Let me know if you like it!

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