Monday, May 16, 2011

Petersburg Memorial Hall Review (by Grafton State Park)

Looking for an affordable wedding hall, for a small wedding that allows outside catering? If you answered, “yes,” and live in the Troy area, or nearby, you may want to read on.

It is funny. I live in Wynantskill, right between Troy and Albany, NY. I have been a disc jockey for quite some time and never heard of Petersburg Memorial Hall before. When I talked with the bride and groom about doing their special day, I had to look at a map to find a place that was only 25 minutes away from me. What Google quickly taught me is that if you have ever been to Grafton State Park, Petersburg is the next town down.

The wedding I was a DJ for in Petersburg was at a nice little place called “Memorial Hall” on 71 Main Street. The Petersburg Memorial Hall is right near the town library. It has ample parking and is a great little place for someone looking for a smaller wedding with the potential for affordability. Unlike many halls that hold frequent wedding receptions, at the Memorial, you can book any catering service that you like and set up your own bar. This means an incredible amount of savings, as these two expenses are quite often the largest for any wedding.

The hall seats about 80-120 people comfortably and has a little stage in the front which could be used for a DJ or a small live band. It has two side doors for easy access for vendors and decorating purposes.

There are a few little facility things to note. Facility-wise, there is a kitchen, but it is not very big. It probably is suitable for an outside caterer to make due with. Also, there is only one shared bathroom which is handicap accessible, I believe.

On a tech note, Petersburg does not have Sprint cell phone coverage, but it does have Verizon and Internet access provided through a wi-fi hub in the library nearby. These concerns may or may not be too important for a smaller wedding.

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