Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wedding buffet lay out & Wedding DInner Music List

A buffet these days at a wedding makes a lot of smart. It is not always the cheaper option anymore, either. It also gives your guests a chance to sample ALL of the entrees. So... Are you thinking about having a buffet now at your wedding? IF the answer is yes, there is one thing you really do have to remember.At all costs, try and ale sure that your buffet tables and your line is double-sided with dual serving set ups..

I have watched countless weddings go into overtime simply because the buffet tables were up against the wall. Not having access to both sides of the table easiyl means that your couple will have double the wait.

This may not mean much in a small wedding, but if you have a guest list of 100 plus people, you will liely end up with half of the people done eating before the other half has even started.

A great way to set up the tables is to provide a double setting of each food tray on the table back to back, like the picture to the left. This setting has people move along the line on either side, and see the same dishes on the opposite side of the table.

It may sound simple, but often it doesn't happen. If you do indeed set up your buffet line like the one in this picture, there will barely be any wait and this inturn will allow for extra time for even more fun evening.

For some more tips on some great music to listen to while you eat, check out this blog: Cocktail and Dinner Music List.


  1. Thanks for the advice. I will keep that in mind when I get married a thousand years from now...

    1. why would you get married a 1000 years from now...?