Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NY Media Wants to Rush Gay Couples into Marriage

by DJ Kenny Casanova, Albany, NY.(518-506-3305).

Finally, law makers have created "marriage equality" in New York state. This means a whole new demographic will enter the market in the wedding industry. However, people in the media seem to be waiting for a gay mob of brightly dressed stereotypical homosexual couples to break down the doors at David's Bridal in Colonie.

Now that New York passed the ground-breaking law that allows members of the same sex to get married, it seems that every day, news writers and broadcasters alike continue to ask the same question. "Why are there not hundreds of people taking advantage of this new opportunity?"

Think about it. THE LAW JUST PASSED! You can't plan a good wedding in a few weeks! There are many timely things to think about that you can not just run over:

MEANING: There are many many different things you have to look at when having a decent wedding. I am sure that members of the gay community do not want to rush their big day, just because they can, and certainly not just to get on News Channel 9 for thirty seconds. The whole reason most same-sex couples want to get married is because the idea is that marriage is supposed to mean something. It is a special day and one that often involves loved ones. In order to make all this happen, a lot of planning has to go down.

ENTERTAINMENT BOOKING: It usually takes couples six to twelve months at the very least to plan a wedding. Whenever you book a DJ, most of the decent ones are booked a year ahead. We are already booking up next summer, and this one isn't even half gone. If someone calls right now, I do not have any Saturday time slots available at all until November.

VENUE BOOKING: Even more so, banquet halls and catering services are currently dealing with full plates. Most of their desired dates were long since grabbed up. Most people, from experience want to get married on a Saturday in the summer. If the couple, gay or not, really wants to get married at Franklin's in Troy, NY, Franklin's only has 8 couples they can accomodate for the July and August months.

INVITING GUESTS: Finally, your guests need advance notice. Most people really need at least three to six months notice in advance, especially in the busy summer months when people have their vaction times carefully planned out. My wife and I planned our wedding about a year out, and we still had a few close friends who really really wanted to be there for us but they could not show, due to conflicts in schedules! (Chris you are still a bastard!)

DEMOGRAPHIC CONCERNS: As different as the media may think gay people are, they have the same concerns about their special day as anyone else would. I believe that gay people who care about being married will also care about how their weddings come off, just the same as anyone else would. (If members of our gay community who were excited to finally get married because they legally could and willing to rush through it, they already would have done so with a quick drive to Vermont.)

Therefore Mister Media, you can not, I repeat can NOT, plan your special day in a few weeks. Calm down already. You are ridiculous! You got your midnight wedding 12:01am stories on the day that the law went into effect. I think story producers are drewling for something that isn't going to happen in droves. We have only had eleven couples in the area get hitched in same sex weddings since the law passed.

I know it would have made for better TV if a thousand homosexuals in drag came out screaming to say, "I do," but it didn't work that way, and won't.

For more information on gay-friendly same sex wedding professionals to do service at your wedding, drop us a line 518-506-3305.

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