Friday, September 9, 2011

TheCoolTV - New Local Music Video TV Channel you will love!

During the hurricane/tropical storm two Sundays back, I was fortunate to still have power, so I decided to put in hardwood floors in the master bedroom with my friend Justin. We did a great job, but the furniture wasn't in yet. (It comes this weekend.) Therefore, my wife and I moved into the spare bedroom.

I put up flatscreen TV and had to run a channel update on it. I had never done that and it actually found new channels. One of them, I thought was MTV2 (a channel that actually still plays some music videos,) but I was wrong... It is called TheCoolTV, and it plays really cool retro music videos mixed in with today's modern hits; just like MTV would have done. It also has the underground feel that MTV used to have, before they went mainstream. You will love it!

I called our WXXA's program director in Albany, NY, Paul Pelliccia, and he gave me the low-down on what Dash-2 channels are and what is up with TheCoolTV.

A few months ago, WXXA Fox canned their Hunting Channel affiliate on the digital channel 8's, which nobody watched. It was all fishing and hunting shows, and I guess it was pretty lame. In looking for a replacement, they decided to go with some hip syndicated programming, in totally the opposite direction of the redneck channel that they had. They replaced it with an all music video channel that really is great.

THE HD TV "DASH TWO" CHANNELS - In case you didn't know, with the advent of FCC creating all digital channel programming in America, all local netwoks now have access to additional channels available to them for alternative programming. Local Network affiliates like CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC can now opt to have two more channels of programming under their banners on most Cable providers like Time Warner. Most network providers opt to use the "-1" channel for their all-day news programming, and the "-2" for cheap retro programming for now that doesn't cost the company very much money to make some extra advertising dollars.

HOW TO FIND IT - If you have a HD flat screen without a cable box, when you put it on channel 8, bump up the channel button twice. You will see it go, "08", "08-1", and then finally "08-2" and there is TheCoolTV. If you have a cable box set up, it is now channel 423.

WXXA's program director, Paul Pelliccia, said the "HD - 2 channels are often a tough sell," and sometimes people don't get to see them well, because they are kind of hidden. Hopefully, people will watch this and enjoy it like I did and let WXXA know.

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