Thursday, October 6, 2011

Good Bye Steve Jobs

Everytime I meet up with a bride and groom for what they want to hear at their wedding, Steve Jobs has played a big part. We can only hope that his innovative impactful ways in technology will continue.

I have in the last year become an avid iPad 2 user, and now I barely can live without it. I use it for calander planning, song samples, photograph album capabilities and to surf the net. All of this in an easy compact tool.

Steve Jobs will be remembered as a person who was associated with making modern computing simple, seamless and very satisfying. The iconic co-founder of Apple, helped to create the old school funny-looking Apple I & II computers in the 1970s. As time went on, he gave us the Macintosh and the iMac. Then he added music to loop with the iPod. Then he added phone calls with the iPhone, and then bundled it all together with the Star Trek-like iPad. Who knows where things will go in the future? I can only imagine Jobs has left his company behind a truck load of ideas for the years to come.

I just jumped on the apple band wagon the last couple of years, but know that people have been here a long time.

Steve Jobs will be missed.

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