Monday, October 17, 2011

Wedding Activity - Sing For Your Supper

If you are like me, you have been to a wedding reception where the buffet line was like six miles long and you were in the back of the line twiddling your thumbs. As y ou waited impatiently, bored out of your head, you looked up to notice that they were only serving on one side of the table.... If you are like me, then you know that a food line can often feel like an eternity.

With all this being said, do you have a buffet planned for your wedding and hope to erase the boring parts? If so, one fun alternative activity for table serving order is called, "Sing For Your Supper."

The "Singing For Your Supper" game is a great activity to entertain your waiting guests that also creates entertainment for others waiting for dinner to be served.

As with all wedding activities, this game probably is one that won't work everywhere. This activity should only be chosen specifically upon the bride & groom's request. And while this activity may not be for everyone, it can really be a fun icebreaker with the right people, who want to kill the wait associated with a mega-buffet line of, maybe 150 hungry guests.

Typically speaking, a microphone is passed from table to table by an emcee or maybe the best man, and the only way that a particular table can move up to the buffet line, is to have a volunteer from the table dedicate a song to the bride and groom and then sing it.

In the loving spirit of any wedding celebration, the song is usually supposed to be a familiar chorus selection of a romantic song, "dedicated to the bride and groom from table number eight," for example.

Often times, your guests may be reluctant to start. However, once wedding guests see how fun it can be, they will quickly catch on. Then, once they buy in, the activity can really become creative and very entertaining! (...Especially if the cocktail hour had an open bar!)


"LOVE" - guests must sing any song they like, containing the word "Love" in it, somewhere.

"DUETS" - Two people have to sing a song in order for their table to move to the buffet line.

Whatever you choose to do, have fun with it! You only live once. :)

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