Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TOP 10 Wedding Centerpiece Giveaway List

Wedding Centerpiece Giveaways TOP 10 LIST

My guess is that the a new man and wife certainly do not want to take home a dozen huge floral arrangements that will be dead by the time they get back from their honeymoon. However, you will probably agree that bride and grooms tend to spend big bucks on decorations and flowers for their wedding and it is always the attitude that letting it all go waste would be a shame.

Therefore, we have decided to add "wedding centerpiece giveaway ideas" to our popular “TOP TEN LIST” article category. So I have painstakingly hacked together my very favorite centerpiece giveaway ideas that that will keep your wedding guests happy after the last song.

Want to save some money? Those centerpieces became a tax deductible write off! If you are not all about just saving the cash, it's also nice to know that you could be brightening the day of some people at an elderly home, or hospital, perhaps.

Ask someone to hide a penny either under a plate or coffee mug at the table, or underneath one actual chair at each table. The lucky person who finds the lucky penny gets to take hope the centerpiece. You can switch the penny up, if you like, to maybe a poker chip or something else that may go along with the theme of your wedding.

With this interesting wedding centerpiece giveaway, you reward the most prompt RSVP responders! In order to do this, as your RSVPs come in, just keep track of the order. Then when you make your seating charts, you can put a sticker inside the place card of the people who sent in their RSVPs first., or just have the DJ read a list....


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