Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's A Wedding Photo Booth ?

I had the pleasure of working with a local photographer again last week, at a fun wedding at Birch Hill in Kinderhook. Tony from "The Time Capsule Photo Booth Service," did such a great job keeping the guests amused that I figured it was time to blog about him here. Deciding to share his great service with my readers, I figure it is probably important, first off, to explain the idea of a wedding booth in general to anyone who is unfamiliar with what this service is all about.

One of the newest trends in wedding reception to join the current wedding cupcake and wedding magnet craze is the addition of a Wedding Photo Booth. “So... What exactly is, um, a wedding photo booth?” you might ask.

Out by the bar in a separate designated area, or perhaps in the corner of the dining hall, an extra wedding photography vendor sets up a photo booth, much like the passport picture booths you sometimes see over in the mall.

The way it works is, unlimited pictures are taken and developed on the spot as wedding favors for all the guests. They are also collected in duplicate for an ongoing work-in-progress wedding scrapbook that is compiled throughout the night for the bride & groom.

Off to the side of the curtained booth, many vendors have a table with a spread of silly props, hats, and crazy costume accessories for the guests to use to dress up their photo shoot.

After the pictures are taken, the guests are typically presented with two strips of photos, maybe within 30 seconds. One is pocketed for a keepsake, and the other one is inserted into the bridal scrapbook. Then the scrapbooking fun begins!

Depending on the booth provider, specialized services to this service may be available, such as the ability to add text or custom backgrounds to the pictures.

Now, back to Tony of TIme Capsule Photo Booths... He does a great job. Bottom line.

If you are interested in booking a photo booth for your event and are in and around the Capital District, there are a number of fine vendors that provide this service. But again, one great vendor that I love working with is Tony at . He's professional, offers different custom packages, and has a nice selection of props for your guests to choose from.

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