Monday, April 30, 2012

Avoid Wedding Disasters Top 10 List

Avoid Wedding Disasters Top 10 List There are so many checklist items that, when overlooked, can throw your wedding into the unfortunate "Wedding Disaster" category. However, many of these things can be avoided with at little no cost to the bride and groom. Here is a simple list of things to think about and ponder when you planning your wedding so you, too,can avoid a wedding disaster.

1) Avoid placing your wedding date on a holiday - this creates a built in competition quandary for your guests and you may find that your wedding is not everyone's #1 priority.

2) Try to always plan for Saturday Night Weddings - Fridays people sometimes have to work and Sundays people have no day to recover/travel.

3) Have Rain Check Back Up Plan for outside weddings - whether it is the ceremony or the reception, have a back up plan in case it rains.

4) Give plenty of time for the invitation - Some people see that up to 6 months before the event is a good heads up time to RSVP. Others say even more time is essential to the success of your guest list attendance.

5) Keep the invite list numbers as low as possible - Don't invite just anyone. Your biggest expense is usually your venue/catering. Keeping your numbers down can save hundreds of dollars with only a handful of guests.

6) Seat older people away from the DJ - Even if old Grandma Smithers has a hearing aid and really can't hear well, she sure will hear the DJ if she is placed right by the speakers. She will also want the music turned down to practically nothing.

7) Don't force your lifestyle on your guests - If you are vegetarian or vegan, it may not be a good idea to only offer these dishes at your wedding. A good host tries to accomodate their guests desires in order to make them happy, not force something on them. This goes for food as well as music selection.

To see the rest of the list, go to Kenny Casanova's web site by CLICKING HERE.


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