Monday, June 18, 2012

Karaoke Wedding Tips

Okay, Spiderman once said, "with great power comes resposibility." If you are considering karaoke at your wedding, realize that you have to set some guidelines or things could get ugly real quick.

 Handing a microphone over to anyone is giving someone the power, and if you lose power at your own wedding, it may not turn out in the end exactly as you had hoped for.

If you are going the karaoke route for your wedding, just keep in mind that you need to control it, or it could spin out of hand and become, "Uncle Jimmy's Drunken Karaoke Concert," rather than your wedding night.

To avoid giving away your entire wedding reception to people who want to sing "Love Shack" and " "Paradise By The Dashboard Light," create a few simple rules and everything should be alright.

1) SET A TIME LIMIT - Let the DJ know you only want karaoke at the very end, perhaps, so that it doesn't scare away guests who do not like it, and it doesn;t overpower the whole night.

2) ONE SONG ONLY - If you have a load of people who want to sing but only limited time, to control karaoke from taking over the whole night, maybe make a rule that a person can only sing once.

3) NO DIRTY SONGS -  Don't allow DJ to accept songs with suggestive yrics, as to not upset certain people at your party. Grandma my not want to hear, "Shake That @$$!"

4) BANNING CERTAIN GUESTS - This idea would be good, but it usually doesn;t work without hurting someone's feelings. Keep in mind that if you really don't want certain people to sing, you may not want to do karaoke at your wedding. It is very difficult and seemingly unfair to turn someone down who would like to join in on the fun.

5) FLIP THE KILL SWTCH -  Limit young children, or drunk people who drone on and make it not fun by having the DJ switch right back to dancing at the end of a terrible track. This will keep the guests around who put in earplugs.

Following a few simple rules like these could allow for just enough karaoke flavor to your wedding to actually add something to your special night, rather than to take away from it. Good luck!

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