Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wedding Buffet Planning Tip

If you are planning a buffet for your wedding with stations, there are two things to think about. One is double sided serving and the other is placement of servers if there are any.

1) DOUBLE SIDED SERVING TABLES - this is important to allow your guests to serve themselves from both sides of the table. If you have your venue do this, you will have half the wait. You will have two small lines rather than one large one and this will allow for your guests to eat more quickly and get to the fun stuff.

2) PLACING SERVERS - If you have you caterers serving guests at some of the stations and have multiple tables in different places, try keeping the servers all together on one table station. This will allow for only one table to be clogged up in a line , while the others have free access with less wait.

Try these out and you will love it!

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