Monday, July 9, 2012

Wine Bottle Wedding Guest Book

Here is a super simple but fresh idea if you would like to change up the guestbook at your wedding. Why not have your guests sign wine bottles?

At a really fun wedding this weekend where I was the DJ at Altamont Manor (20 minutes from Albany, NY), the bride and groom purchased four different colored wine bottles instead of a blank guestbook. Their mindset was a book may never be cracked open again a number of times over years, but a number of wine bottles certainly would!

To start a project like this, they removed the orginal labels by soaking the wine bottles in hot water to loosen the adhesive. Then, the couple cleaned and scraped off the remnants of the labels with lighter fluid, or you can use WD-40 to act as your cleaning agent.

Finally, they reapplied custom wine labels made up with their names printed on them, and the numbers 1,5,10 and 20.

That is it.

If you want to do something similar, your final move is to display your creations with sivler pens on a small table by the entrance to your wedding reception. Add a nice photo frame explaining that the bottles are in place of the traditional wedding guestbook. Explain that the newlyweds will drink the wine on their first, fifth, tenth and twentieth anniversaries to remember all their friends best wishes once again, as scribed on the bottles.

What a fun idea! It is like morphing together the traditions of the wedding guest book and freezing that piece of wedding cake to eat a year later.

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