Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hanging Wedding Table Place Cards

Hangable Table Place Cards is an affordable wedding decorating idea and, at the same time, directs your guests to their tables in a fun, creative way. As the DJ, I have seen great ones!

Whatever you do to apply this loose concept is entirely up to you. This decorating idea an easy do-it-youself concept for your wedding. The rules are simple; tie lines between two different points with all of your guests' names hanging from the line.  This idea will really add character to your special day.

CUSTOM-PICKED CLIPS - Your choice of clips is everything. A rustic, country theme wedding may look even better with old-fashion clothespinned table cards. A modern wedding, however, may look great with silver or bronze clips, complimenting the chosen colors of your wedding.
LINE CHOICE – Fancy twines, fishing line, ribbons, strings or ropes can all be used to clip to. Each will add flavor to the sought after taste or theme of the wedding that you are looking to achieve.

CARDS – Have fun with the cards! Hand write, use photos or have cards printed according to your theme.

There are no rules and the ideas for decoration are endless. Here are a number of pictures you can use as a resource for your hanging wedding table place cards:    HANGING PLACE CARD PHOTO GALLERY

Have fun!

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