Monday, October 1, 2012

Wedding Place Card Table Setting Trees

Over the weekend, I was the disc jockey for a great wedding at Altamont Orchard wedding of Altamont New York. Whenever I see something creative, different, or just well done at a wedding, I always like to share it with my audience. So at this particular wedding,  I saw a nifty fall-related place card idea that I haven't seen before and, thereforem decided to share it with you today.

Here is a great little idea for your fall wedding. How about using Fall Theme Wedding Table Place Cards for your special day?

All you do is take tree branches with lots of arms, poke them down into flower pots, punch a hole in your place cards and tie them to the brances with ribbons!

This is a greast idea for weddings in the fall, or for even just for tree-huggers alike. Enjoy!

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