Monday, June 24, 2013

Funny Wedding Pictures in Capital Region ( Pt 1 )


Wedding Season is back in FULL EFFECT and so far, it looks like mustaches are back, too!

As a DJ in and around The Capital Region, I asked a few local photographers that I have enjoyed working with to send me some fun poses that they have already shot. The above mustachio picture by professional photographer (Keira Lemonis Photography) is the very first image for this series that I got back.

It's funny. I do not know where this mustache humor came from, but I have already performed disc jockey services for three weddings in 2013 that had similar mustache swag available to their guests!

Keira Lemonis really is great fun to work with when she shoots a wedding. Based out of Albany, NY, she is creative, has a great sense of humor, and like Carrot Top, is abviously not afraid to use props. Her pictures really have an interesting style to them and are seemimgly great for people who like a classy, crafty, and also light feel to their pictures.

For more of Keira's work, check out  Thanks for reading!

- DJ Kenny Casanova,  ...

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