Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lightning Wedding Picture (Fun Photography Series - pt 2)

With all the crazy weather we have been having, I thought this would be a great picture to represent current weddings in the Capital Region and also go along with my Local Wedding Trends spotlight series.

If you look just to the left side of the sky in the frame, you will see why this is arguably "a once in a lifetime opportunity" shot for local photographer Amy Hedges of A.Hedges Photograhy from Delmar, NY. (However, with the weather we have been having lately, it seems likely that lighting could very well strike twice making another picture like this for Amy possible.)

This is the second spotlight on a photographer that I have chosen to recognize for excellence in execution of services. As a local DJ, I have worked with Amy and can attest to her attention to fine detail.

A. Hedges Photography is a professional wedding and portrait photography studio in Albany, New York. For more information check out

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