Monday, September 9, 2013

Wedding Hashtag Idea

Add a wedding hashtag and let the sharing begin!
Unless you have been living under a rock and are not a user of social media sites like social sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Vine, you will see that the benefits of "hashtagging"your wedding are really a great reason to start!

WHAT IS A HASHTAG? The term "hashtag" was first brought about for, however it is now the measuring stick indexing on all social networks.

HOW DOES A HASHTAG HELP ME? What a "hashtag" essentially is is the creation of a word combination for searching reasons. For instance, if you were to search #applepie on the above social media sites, the search engines would bring up pictures, videos, recipes, places to buy apple pie ...and maybe even events related it. A hashtag search gets you results from real people in real time sharing stuff related to a very specific topic of just about anything.

WHY IS A WEDDING HASHTAG GOOD?  So, one of my readers may ask, "why exactly would you want to hashtag your wedding?" The answer is having the potential to obtaining different perspectives of your wedding and find them easily.

EXTRA PICTURES/VIDEOS - Tons of people use mobile devices that have these social media apps on them already. These same people may already be taking pictures of your wedding for personal use, but you may never even see these images. At the end of your special day, by having encouraged your guests to hashtag your wedding, you will have access these extra pictures/videos for immediate sharing from your hashtagging guests, as well as countless annotations from any moments throughout the night.

VIRTUAL GUESTS - You will also be able to share these images and updates with friends and families who were not able to make it to your event, by allowing them to follow your event updates from afar in real time.

OTHER PLUSES - No more cheesy film cameras on the tables.  And shy guests can even request songs to a cooperating hashtagging DJ from their respective tables!

To optimize hashtagging at your wedding, you really only have to do three things.

Three Steps on Wedding Hashtag Creation:

1) ASSIGN YOUR OWN OFFICIAL HASHTAG - If you create your own hashtag early on, there will be no confusion on what people should search later. Try and pick a short and original hashtag by first searching the proposed hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Vine. When you find a combination of words and/or numbers that works for you and is easy for your guests to type in, their posts will not get lost and mixed into other event searches.

Promote your wedding
hashtag and reap
the benefits
2) PROMOTE IT - There are many ways to get  word of your official hashtag out there to your guests. Adding your hashtag to your reservations, your program, your place cards, and your table setting are a few easy ways to promote. You can also make up nice decorative signs and/or chalkboard displays, as well as get the DJ to remind your guests what the hashtag on the mic.
3) SEARCH IT - A search after the wedding or even as the fun is still going on will bring up all kinds stuff! You will see pictures of guests preparing before the wedding. You will get comments from people who couldn't make it to the event. And you will even get pictures from different angles and perspectives that your official photographer just could not do. Let the sharing begin!

For more tips on how to share your wedding hashtag, and also a gallery of pictures on how some brides and grooms have promoted their #weddinghashtags  in the past, check out our web site at:

The wedding hashtag idea is really super great for weddings! Try it out! The benefits are countless.


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