Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Funny Wedding Pictures (pt 4)

Thanks again for all the responses to this mini-series of funny pictures around the Capital District. It seems like people really liked it!

What I wanted to do is slightly deviate from the formula for this post and go a little bit more broad. Below is an example of a new wedding photography craze called "Wedding Party Attacks."

MORE ATTACK PICTURES ??? - If you liked the Ghostbuster tribute above and are thinking of doing something like this now at your wedding, CLICK HERE to see more wedding attack shots. Other pictures including zombies, aliens, and even a T-rex on our site at

SEND US LOCAL WEDDING ATTACK PIC AND WIN!!! If you were part of a wedding and know that something went down like this in the Troy, Schenectady, Albany, or Saratoga area and can send me a JPG of it for a future blog post, I would love to share it with our readers! If you are getting married or planning on having a party and can send me the attack shot shall be rewarded with a free DJ laser lighting upgrade towards one of our parties.

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