Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Top Ten Wedding Disaster List ...Put to Music

There are so many problems that can occur at a wedding, but as the song goes, "Don't Worry, Be Happy." Having a back up plan, or thinking about solutions to the problems that could occur are the keys to acheiving "The Perfect Wedding." If you plan your wedding with these problems in mind, as Bob Marley once said, "Every little thing's gonna be all right." Here is my Wedding Disaster playlist from TheDJservice.com:

1. Plan out your ceremony and you can… “Have The Time of Your Life” - Greenday

The Ceremony is the most important thing, overall and is often forgotten about. After all, the wedding reception is really just the celebration of having just had the ceremony. Spend a little time putting things together to make it memorable.

2. Be careful not to waste all of your … “Money” – The O’Jays
“Do we really need an award-winning classical violinist in by the coat room?”… “Do we really want a centerpeice in the bathroom?”… The dreaded Wedding Industry is a big money maker and a huge money taker. It is soooooo easy to get caught up in all the frills and extra options when you are planning wand request the very best of everything. This can get very costly, if you don’t pay attention to the little costs.

3. “Just The Two of Us” – Will Smith
Your wedding as a whole should be symbolic. Make sure your wedding is a reflection of both of you; the bride and a groom. Sometimes we forget to put in the personal likes and dislikes that make the event special. In the end, everyone should have some of the traditional wedding to make them happy, but also a mixed in balance of things that are important to the newlyweds.

4. “I need Somebody to, HELP, not just anybody.” – The Beatles
Two people are important for the success of your special day; the minister/officiant and the Disc Jockey/band leader. It is your duty to really know who is running the show. This means if you bring in a boring officiant for your wedding ceremony, your ceremony will be boring. Also, if you hire a bad band, people will have a bad time. Book a lame DJ and get lame stuff like chicken dances and YMCA, that is, if you dare consider the Village People to be "lame."

5. “Lose My Mind” - DMX
Don’t "Lose Yourself" as Eminem would say. It is easy-squeezey to get all stressed out and sweat the little things. Afterall, there are a ton of different components to a wedding where anything could go wrong. Odds are something will. If something doesn’t go exactly as planned, take a deep breath and move on. No one will care. Sometomes it makes things even more memorable. We are all human!

6. “More Money, More Problems” – The Notorious BIG, Biggie Smalls
If you let them, the wedding professionals, caterers, and even your guests can end up costing you a an arm and a leg and a fortune. Figure out exactly want to spend and stick to it!

7. “I’m Here For The Party” – Gretchen Wilson
It is never a good practice to "get your Ke$ha on" and go get plastered the night before your wedding. The funny thing is, it happens all the time. Think about it though. You are probably dropping thousands of dollars on your wedding. Do you really really want to be hung over on your special day? Words of wisdom: If a bachelor / bachelorette party is set up for the night before, be careful you don’t spoil things for the day after.

8. Be a great host and always think of… “Everybody” – Backstreet Boys
While it is your “special day,” the wedding reception will only be fun for everyone if you include everyone. That means perhaps playing some music you may not particularly like, or allowing something to happen for the good of the whole that you may not be particularly fond of.

9. “It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right” – Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock
It is hard to remember that there are two people, when planning a wedding. Quite often, the bride has been thinking about this day her whole life and totally takes over. Ladies, if you want the groom to enjoy himself, let him have a little fun in the planning as well.

10. “Singing in The Rain” – Gene Kelly
Make sure to have yourself a back up plan for every single individual thing that could go wrong. People are optimistic at heart and often think, bad stuff like these things could never ever happen to me. Howeverthey are the same ones who end up with ketchup all over the bride's wedding dress. If you don’t keep this in mind, all your people could be stuck out in a rainstorm.

(PICTURE CREDIT: http://www.getmarried.com/wedding-blog/2009/08/12/wedding-cake-disasters/)

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