Monday, March 21, 2011

Wedding Venue Review - The Edison Club of Rexford

This past Saturday was a a little hectic for me, working as a DJ in the Albany area. After the weather just started to warm up, I had three different parties at three different places, all in the same day. The first gig was a nice mid-day wedding at The Edison Club in Rexford. The second was a karaoke/birthday party at Rennselaer Patroon Inn, and final one was a fun music video dance jam at Villa Valenti Pub in Troy, NY. (At the same time, my partner Maria DJ also had a birthday party. Busy as usual for

Of course, the most important venue and gig was the wedding. A great guy named Dustin, a former soilder is back from defending our country. He married that day a nice girl he met on duty in the Philippines. It was my duty to provide some fun and light music for their Champagne and Appetizer celebration /reception at The Edison.

The Edison Club for those of you who are not familiar hosts a number of weddings now. It really is a well-kept wedding secret in Rexford. (I do guess, however, that anybody one could really argue that most everything in Rexford is quiet. I few years ago, I didn't even know where Rexford was. Neither, by the way, does google maps. It is a safe bet that The Edison puts this nice town near Clifton Park on the map.)

Greenery is always perfect for outdoor wedding pictures. It dresses all the whites and blacks up from traditional wear and usually looks more interesting to they eye than inside church shots. The Edison Club of Rexford New York is a nice golf club, with tons of green and not located by other businesses.

The Edison has size. Edison also recently remodeled. The gearth of its space now is partitioned off of into three different sections. One for an indoor ceremony, one for a cocktail hour bar and the last for a dinning and dancing space ideal for your wedding reception. The dinning area is also equipt with a curtained stage and a very large wood dance floor lined with tables all around the sides.

My complaint is only really a technical one. It is a minor wiring issue that probably no guests would even notice, so probably not a real concern. (The stage where the entertainment usually sets up does not have electric outlets. Therefore, as the Disc Jockey or musician for the event, we have to run a cord off the stage and out where wiring can perhaps potentially be seen. If your disc jockey knows what he is doing and is professional, this issue shouldn’t be a concern.)

If you are planning a smaller wedding, they offer a banquet room as well, if you are not looking for much of any dancing. In the back of the building is a nice round room with a lot of windows and an beautiful fireplace. (This room does not provide a lot of access for guests or wedding professionals to move their bigger gifts/packages or gear into.) However, it may work perfectly for some. I had never done a gig in this room beofre, but everything turned out great!

If you are a bride or groom and looking for a decent place to have your wedding reception, it’s worth giving these gyuys a look at.


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