Thursday, March 31, 2011

A WHITE WEDDING? - Snow Changes Wedding Dates Nationwide

This time of year, people start to plan their weddings. As you know, some common places they like to hold their receptions often include high end golf clubs and ski resorts, like Jiminey Peak. With all the snow we are getting this year, it seems as if some of the planning has been put off, for fear of the weather. Therefore, I expect to see more weddings being scheduled for later in the year, than usual.

However, if you are a Capital District bride or groom, you can still count your lucky stars. If you were in Lake Tahoe, California right now, your wedding season might be skipped altogether! Snow on your wedding day is usually considered to be a sign of fertility and prosperity, but in this case, it is just plain ridiculous!

Yes. That is what 31 feet of snow looks like on the ground. This crazy picture is not Alaska, or the North Pole. This JPG was recently taken outside Tahoe Donner Ski Resort in California, where they have lots of weddings yearly, just like Jiminey Peak.

The Weather Channel has reported that the Tahoe area, a popular destination for many weddings, is in rough shape. It has received over 50 feet, that's 600 inches of snow this season alone. Different storms recently dumped over 100 inches each, in only the span of few days.

Can you imagine driving up to a wedding like this?

Now that's a white wedding.

DJ Kenny Casanova


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