Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wedding Theme List - Theme Ideas for your wedding reception

Below is a great list of possible themes for your wedding. Why have a theme? Everyone wants their wedding to stick out and be one that people will remember for a lifetime. Adding a wedding theme where guests participate in some different kind of way or actually dress the part can be a way to really make this happen.

As a DJ who specializes in wild and fun modern weddings, who readily thumbs his nose at tired traditions like the dreaded chicken dance, I have recently become one of the area's leading choices for "theme weddings." It is quickly becoming my specialty, though I did not plan it that way. Anyhow, it is a nifty little niche. With my past experience in the entertainment field, as well as being an aspiring fiction author, my creative side does well with theme weddings.

I cannot stress that a theme wedding brings everything together AND brings everyone together. Every element becomes so much easier and fun to put together.

I have a number of blogs with some great ideas now available, but thought it might be a good idea to give people a general idea of what kind of themes are out there. (Brides, you may want to really look at this list if want to get the groom more involved in the planning of your special day. I have noticed that when a theme has been added, grooms buy into the planning even more.)

Do I practice what I preach? YES!!! Stay tuned for my own pirate theme wedding pictures in May... For now, here is a growing list of wedding themes that I have come across and been a part of:

Awesomized 80's / 1980s
African Theme
Australian Wedding
Asian Fusion / Japanese & Chinese
Butterfly Theme
Carribean Theme
Country Theme
Daisey Theme
Disney Theme / Mickey Mouse / Magical Kingdom
Easter Theme
Ethnic Theme
Fairy Tale theme
Fall Theme
Fifties / 1950s
Garden / Flowers Theme
Goth / Gothic / Dark Theme
Hawaiin / Island Theme
Heavy Metal
Hippie / Grateful Dead / 1960s
Irish / Celtic
International (many nations represented, or specific regions)
Mardi Gras Theme
Masquerade Theme
Medieval / Renaissance
Military Theme
Rose Theme
Royalty Theme
Sci Fi / Space
Star Trek or Star Wars
Sound of Music
Superhero Theme
Under the Sea / Ocean /nautical
Vegas / Rat Pack
Valentines / Hearts
Victorian Theme
Western / Old West / Cowboy
Winter Wonderland

A few of these wedding themes above are hyperlinks to other blog entries, specifically about the theme. For more wedding theme ideas, check out our other blogs at



  1. I am counting down the days til your pirate themed wedding HIT!!!! Teach me how to blog, lol.

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  3. My blog day is Monday - it gives me a whole weekend to talk about!

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