Monday, July 11, 2011

Same Sex Weddings: Finding a Non-traditional or Theme Wedding Officiant for your Ceremony...

A Review on a New Local Non-Traditional Wedding Ceremony Officiant

Are you about to plan your wedding and have some great ideas for something a little bit different? If so, you may notice that some wedding officiants do not offer services for certain types of weddings that do not follow tradition. Same-sex weddings and theme weddings are ones that do not always go along with certain theologies that most traditional wedding reverends/ministers hold. And also, many judges may just be too plain-jane for what you are looking for. So what can you do? Fear not. Check this guy out...


I recently married DJ Maria in a full-fledged pirate theme wedding. We wanted something different, because we didn't want out wedding to blend into the memories of all of our customers. So we brought in a fully licensed and practicing Wedding Reverend, Todd Bovair to do our ceremony in complete pirate character.

He did a great job with the voice and customized ceremony script to our request. Words do not really do what "The Rev" offers to the Capital District, now that he is in the area for theme weddings and non-traditional ceremonies. Here is a video clip to give you an idea of what he can do for you. He starts at the minute mark of 6:10 in.

I give him ten stars out of ten stars, and never do that unless the wedding professional is perfect!!! You can book Todd for your wedding ceremony at at 518-283-8250.


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