Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wedding Flip Flops Idea

Have you ever dressed up to go to your friends wedding and realize that despite the fact that you look great, you know that your feet are going to kill you within a few hours? You are really not alone. This happens to us all. Fear not. If your bride and groom have stood up and done their homework, it is possible that sore toes will not be in your future.

Here is a modern idea some of you may not have seen yet. Rather than have your guests walk about and dance in uncomfortable shoes, why not provide a basket of cheap, but nice wedding flip flops? USually the biggest offender to "Wedding Feet Syndrom" is the dancing and that takes place when the lights go out anyhow, for the most part.

Think about it. Many women, imparticular, struggle with a balance of comfort for their feet and wearing the right shoes to go with their dresses. No matter how much you spend, most high heel shoes cannot hold any woman up for a full 4 hours or more, without some discomfort.

As a bride planning your wedding, it is important to note that you really cannot expect the majority of your guests to make the comfortable decisions in their footwear for your night. They are trying to look their best for you. Getting together the perfect ensemble almost never translated into comfortable footwear.

-Designer stores like Old Navy carry a variety of colors for around $2 a pair.
-Some local dollar stores even stock some decent flip flops and sandals.
-Try and make your flip flops available to your guests in your wedding colors.
-You can make your flip flopss look pretty in a stylish basket with vibrant ribbons holding pairs together.
-Keep your flip flop basket conveniently right near the dance floor.

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