Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chalkboard Photo Backdrop Wedding Idea

If you are looking to add that old country rustic feel to your wedding reception, there are a number of roads less traveled that you can take to get there. One thought is to add chalkboard action to your wedding to get that crafty farm atmosphere that you may want.

THE CHALKBOARD BACKDROP - One idea is to create your own chalkboard backdrop for pictures. This is very similar to the recently trending photobooth idea, but more do-it-yourself.

At a recent wedding that I was the disc jockey for, the bride and groom made a three panel facade with their names and the date of their very special day.

This simple idea was enhanced by "Chalkboard paint" (that actually works) and a number of important phrases to the newlyweds, at hand.

CHALKBOARD TABLE SIGNS - Another idea is to label each of your tables with little chalkboards to inform the guests which number they have been assigned to.

These ideas are a great way to "chalk up a victory."   Okay, I had to do it. It was just too easy!


  1. where can I get this chalkboard?! It's gorgeous!

  2. Hi Ashley! This is actually a custom-made jobber. Looks great though, right?!

    What they actually did was hinged together three pieces of plywood, then they painted it with Chalkboard Paint. They also picked up some letter stickers at a craft store and wrote out some key phrases to jazz it up.

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