Monday, July 15, 2013

Funny Wedding Pictures (Part 3)

Here is part three to my humorous spotlight on local wedding photographers from Upstate New York. This one photographer I am partial to, as I also personally use his services from time to time when brides come to me for a good deal on a picture package...

The following timepiece is arguably a timeless masterpiece that will be revered by many for years to come. In just so many words, it truly is epic...

Troy, New York Photograph Credit, Vincent Gizzi.
The subjects in this shot have been forever immortalized by photographer Vincent Gizzi in a pose that genuinely captures the attitude of this esteemed era. The subjects, as you can see, are seemingly well-versed and fully imbibed in the well-cultured discipline code of  either "Gangnam Style" or "The Harlem Shake," or perhaps both. These self-enriching mindsets were before their times, becoming very popular in the late 2012 era and have bled well into today's current 2013 pop culture, as a way of life. Today, they are often referred to now as YOLO, SWAG, or just plain ridiculous.

Vincent Gizzi is an accomplished full-time professional photographer whose portfolio speaks for itself. The above picture was taken nearby at a wedding at The Franklin Plaza of Troy, NY. 

Vince really has a creative eye for photography and I highly recommend him. He reads his subjects for character and personality and can masterfully mesh them into, say, an ugly back alley backdrop, to create a desired result. This sample above shows Vince's ability to take fun pictures that people will remember for the rest of their lives. For more information on Vince's service, check out

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